Cara Pollard is the founder of Away We Play and offers coaching services to families, couples, women and teens. She is highly trained at transforming lives by incorporating her in depth background, including legal expertise, teaching acumen, and early childhood development studies. She listens deeply and compassionately to her clients and then provides specific suggestions to implement new attitudes and strategies for moving forward toward their preferred future. Her coaching has provided life changing results and enhances each person's and family's journey by bringing joy, enthusiasm, love and laughter to their world. She works with all types of parents and situations. She coaches couples who are going through a divorce, to help them keep their children's needs at the forefront despite often difficult circumstances. She coach parents whose children are going through Chicago's selective high school enrollment and college application process, as these are times of stress when she helps parents focus on the process rather than the results. She coaches parents whose child is in therapy or may have had a recent diagnosis. Coaching the parent while the child is being treated usually has double the positive results.

She is also passionate about working with children and families in many other capacities. She offers public presentations and workshops to parent groups and women’s organizations, both large and small. She has been the owner and teacher of Away We Play, an award winning Chicagoland program that offers movement classes, music, theater, dance, art and preparatory preschool to 1000s of children.  Away We Play partners with schools,  teaches their music classes,  offers art and/or movement classes. She also partners with schools by offering coaching services to administrators, teachers, parents and students.She hosts weekly parent support groups.

She also partners with companies to provide support to their parent employees. Many employees struggle maintaining a work life balance, returning to work after a leave, juggling travel obligations and parenting issues. She coaches individuals or groups and hosts "lunch and learns".

 Cara obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University, a Paralegal Certification from Roosevelt University and master's level certification from the Parent Coaching Institute at Seattle University’s School of Education. Her volunteer work includes serving as President of the Board of Directors for Lil’ Buds Theater Company for 5 years, chairperson of The Family Advisory Board for Old St. Patrick’s Church, chairperson of The Parents at the Heart Committee for Frances Xavier Warde School.