I am sure that you found your way here because you may be experiencing a challenge, or having some difficulty with your parenting. Perhaps you just want to expand from being a good parent or even a great parent, to becoming extraordinary. I don't have all the answers as to what exactly would make you an extraordinary parent, but I know you do. I also know that good parenting, like all things in life, ebbs and flows. There are times where your relationship with yourself and your children are running smoothly and you can't get over the immense joy you are all experiencing. There are times when you hit a bump in the road or a very tough spot and things seem out of control. You may not know what to do or where to turn. I'd like to help you find ways to always remain in the realm of what you think is an extraordinary parent, no matter what you are facing. The reason there is no manual for parenting is because there is no formula for it. There is no rule that suggests,

 A plus B  equals C. There is no, "Do this and say this, so your child will be that". A formulaic approach doesn't work with parenting. Every parent has their unique set of values, wishes, feelings and all play a role in how they parent. Each child has very unique needs and once we find the combination of both those things, your relationship will strengthen. You may seek advice from other people to help enrich your life or perhaps even just to make it more convenient. I can guarantee if you seek help and coaching, enhancing your parenting skills will affect the biggest changes in your life. I definitely feel as though parent coaching can provide a cultural change catalyst in your life. Through coaching we determine ways that you can parent effectively and remain in that state, throughout all connection with your child.

In order to obtain a work life balance you may seek the advice of anyone from a hairdresser, to an accountant, from a cleaning person, to an uber driver.
You may not be able to cut your own hair, submit your own taxes, clean your house all the time, or drive yourself to a destination but you ask for assistance from somebody who can. I can tell you that a great haircut, a clean house, paid bills, or ride may slightly change your life for the better. I can promise you that a great relationship with your children will throughly change your life for the better, from the moment we begin coaching, throughout the rest of your time on earth and beyond.

Cara Pollard, PCI Certified Parent Coach

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