We all have experienced times when our relationship with ourselves and our children is running smoothly and we revel within the immense joy that this synchronicity brings to us.
THEN, without any warning, we hit bumps in the road, or a very tough spot and instantly everything can feel out of control.


Good Parenting, like all things in life, ebbs and flows.

Good Parenting, like all things in life, ebbs and flows.

When these bumps keep appearing and the smoothness of life falls away, Cara Pollard Coaching (CPC) can help you to identify the source of the breakdown and then map your way through the trouble spots toward finding a better way of connecting to your child.

We know that parenting is both beautiful and hard. With this dichotomy in mind, we have developed a process intended to help regulate parents’ emotions, called the SPIRAL™ technique. We help you to diffuse your triggers and equip you with the skills to stay calm through all those bumps in the road.

CPC helps parents identify the feelings that lead to communication breakdowns. We teach you to stay in ‘your lane' & stay in control of your parenting as opposed to reacting to your children & ‘jumping in’ with them.

Of course, CPC can be of tremendous benefit to a family that is already in a state of crisis. However, our coaching philosophy can also help you prepare for the stages most parents anticipate as stressful, like the teen years or the college process. CPC can equip you with skills that allow you to maneuver through the tough spots and emerge with a family that is connected and able to communicate more effectively. We help you remain in the realm of what you think is an extraordinary parent, no matter what you are facing.

Parent coaching can provide a cultural change catalyst in your life.
Through coaching we determine ways that you can parent effectively and remain in that state, throughout all the connections and stages you have with your child.