"Cara just, “gets it”!
As a single, divorced mother of two teens Cara was able to really see the dynamics of our situation. I have gone to therapists and counselors but never felt like my true needs were being met. From the first day I met her I was able to communicate more effectively with my children. 
Cara has a plan and if you follow the plan you will see the results you want. She offered simple strategies for me to use immediately to quickly transform my, already good relationships, into even better ones. She also has a way of framing conversations and a way of helping me see things from a different perspective that drive results. Simply becoming more mindful of what I say and how I say it to my children has made my relationships even stronger than before. 
Beyond being educated, warm and kind, Cara is extremely insightful and wise. It is amazing how making simple changes in my communication effected such immediate change. I highly recommend Cara as a Parent Coach!"

The client: divorced mother of two teenagers 

The clients: parents with college-aged children

"Working with a parent coach was something I had never considered. My husband and I have 3 children and have parented our way through the various stages, newborn, toddler, pre-teen and teenager, with help from books, friends, relatives and intuition. Along the way, we have felt that for the most part, that we have had success and believe our kids to have turned out well.  You always hear “little people, little problems, big people, big problems,” and it was not until our oldest went off to his first year of college that we felt ill equipped for our job of parenting. Things got more complicated, we regularly questioned what we were doing wrong in parenting him and our relationship with him began to suffer.  Enter Cara Pollard and her parent coaching. I can honestly she that she helped me see things from a different angle and to work through best practices in terms of communication, relationship building and dealing with difficult situations as they arose.

Having a parent coach is akin to having an expert in your back pocket. Nobody is perfect and there is always something to be learned in order to improve your skills, so why not hire a parent coach to help with the most important job in the world, parenting? Cara had a firm but gentle hand in empowering and guiding me through this new phase of being a parent and helped me to be a better mom to my college aged son. In my book, every parent would benefit from working with Cara, she is amazing!"

The clients: A Mom and her teenage son

"I was really struggling with my high school son. He was acting out, his grades were dropping, he was drinking; I felt like I was watching a train wreck happen before my eyes and I couldn't stop it. I 'interviewed' several therapists but did not 'feel' a connection with them. I don't know what I was looking for...just compassion, I think. Then, I spoke to Cara and immediately felt she was the right person to help us. My son reluctantly went but right off the bat, he felt comfortable with Cara and connected with her. In the course of a few month, seeing Cara together, or him seeing her alone, we had a huge break through. Bottom line, Cara changed our life. Honestly, I credit her to helping my son, let go of a lot of the anger and sadness he was feeling about his dad and move past it. But, she also helped me learn the vital skills of communication with a teenage boy and how to not react but respond differently." 

Cara Pollard’s Parent Coaching transformed a tremendously difficult period of parenting my teenage daughter.  I am eternally grateful to her guidance, compassion and clarity of mind which help us to create new patterns and pathways to staying connected as a family.


Cara held my hand and guided me, gracefully, through my daughter’s ‘freshman year, rocket-ship-to-mars-experience’ that parenting began to feel like for me. After a tremendous amount of familial loss and change within our family, coinciding with my daughter’s 14th birthday and her freshmen year in high school, I no longer recognized the child before me.  Not to mention, and acknowledge that she was so inherently different from myself, at her age.  Of course she would be.  She is her own person, but how did this happen?


After 13 years of a pretty idyllic parent/child relationship, the dynamics of my divorce; a string of devastating deaths in our family; and my daughter’s inevitable teen arrival; made my parenting skills seem obsolete in the current modern-day teen world.


Cara worked with me, remotely, every Tuesday at noon pst—me in San Francisco, she in Chicago—as I recapped the week’s events.   Cara created a scaffolding to help me regain a foundation where trust, compassion and listening were paramount in reestablishing boundaries and openness with my daughter.   Each week, Cara would ask me to think deeply about how I wanted to proceed; to keep notes and lists on what I felt; and how I could apply what we had discussed.  Her thoughtful approach made me count the minutes each week until we arrived at noon on Tuesday, pst, so that I could gain more insight on how to handle the dynamics of parenting.


Cara helped me to the see the Ego in parenting and how, it, more than anything, would hinder an authentic connection to my daughter.  Cara also reminded me of the individuality of a parent/child relationship.  She helped me to regain the trust in my instincts that seemed to have been eroded by life and outside influence.


Parenting is still a day-to-day process and one that needs a constant resetting and checking of Ego and expectations.  However the skills that Cara has helped to place in my ‘Parent Toolbox’ give me the confidence, calm and knowledge to guide me through the emotions to find love and trust with my daughter as we maneuver the high school years.


I encourage you to work with Cara to find solutions to your own parenting  dilemma.