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Transforming lives by learning to connect to your own.

Cara Pollard, PCI Certified Parent Coach, has built a coaching practice based on her SPIRAL Method™, a discipline she employs with organizations & individual parents. With a team of trained coaches to expand her teachings, Cara Pollard Coaching creates the scaffolding individuals need to meet the demands & complexities of modern day.

Based in Chicago, Cara Pollard Coaching serves clients nationwide.

Coaching for Organizations

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Capable parents make successful employees. CPC can partner with your organization to help parents feel more integrated in their lives, and as a result, more capable in their day to day.

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Coaching for Families

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We offer coaching services for all types of families with individual needs. We address issues across every stage of parenting and help you to stay connected and engaged with your family.

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Coaching via the Spiral Method ™

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 We have developed a practice to help parents move away from reactive parenting and find a mindful approach that creates lasting connections to your child.

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Cara held my hand and guided me, gracefully, through my daughter’s “freshman year, rocket-ship-to-mars-experience” that parenting began to feel like for me.
— mother of a teenager
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Spiral with your teen.

Learn how to stay connected through the ebb & flow of the teen years.