Away We Play Mission

Away We Play comes to you after years of professional and personal experiences of the owner and teacher, Cara Pollard

We base our curriculum on the best of early childhood education practices and philosophies.  The relationship we create between children and movement, music and messy art, will foster successful socialization and self-esteem.  Our nurturing environments will stimulate the emotional, physical and intellectual growth of your children.

Research teaches us that children need an environment and teaching style similar to ours to enable them to establish their “love of learning.”  Young children begin to interpret how they view the world through their experiences, and they create moments that matter through their “play and more play.”  Our curriculum offers children the tools they need to express themselves and share their experiences.  Maybe it’s that gallop with abandon, or the song that’s sung with noticeable passion, or it just might be the art they create themselves that is worthy of wall space. 

We have seen children blossom with pride in themselves as we celebrate the relationship between children and adults and their natural connection to movement, music, and artistic creation.  As parents have the opportunity to partner with their children in our social setting, they often find they are talking about parenting situations with each other.  As adults enjoy these weekly conversations they may learn and share new strategies for the parenting choices they make.

Within the structure of our teaching at Away We Play, it is our hope that children will be joyful.  We want them to feel the freedom and fantasy of the class, and have that great desire to return, week after week.  

We thank you for being a part of Away We Play.