Conscious Parenting: 4 Part Series

Part 1:

  • The basics of conscious parenting
  • How is mindfulness incorporated?
  • The Iceberg Effect
  • Discipline
  • Traditional vs. Conscious
  • Connecting vs. Disconnecting
  • How do we become Conscious?
  • Questions to ask yourself

Part 2:

  • The Myths of Parenting
  • Ego vs. Essence
  • Connection and Containment
  • More questions to ponder

Part 3:

  • Deep exploration of agenda and embodiment

Part 4:

  • Introduction of the "parents iceberg"
  • Recap and reflection of the participant's journey and growth over the last four months


  • Building Your Parenting Confidence
  • Transcending Your Triggers
  • Balanced Parenting
  • Raising Respectful Children
  • Understanding Entitlement
  • Fostering an Attitude for Gratitude
  • Parenting Styles: What They Are and How to Use Yours


 “You gave me new strategies to try at home.”

“This topic was so helpful and informative – I can’t wait to attend more of your workshops!”

Your workshop was very insightful and helpful.”

“I am so grateful to my school district for using my tax dollars wisely by bringing such an informative four part series to parents.”
“Good info presented for day to day concerns.” 

“Honesty & very relatable.” 

“Everything very informational.” 

“Loved question and answer segment.“

“It was down to earth.“

“It made you feel as you personal life was important.”  

“It is practical information we can directly apply to help work towards a family/work life balance!“

“Relatable presentation.” 

“It gave information on Parenting Styles that were broken down so easily to understand.“

“I enjoyed the helpful hints.” 

It was nice to have a call about parenting! Always like to hear about other peoples experiences... “

“Nice to get a the view into parenting styles.” 

“It hit home and I can really relate to this subject with lots of examples.”

“The speaker focused on the family as a whole. Good examples.”

“Learning about the different parent styles and the impacts they have on children.” 

“Topic was relevant and useful to all. We all experience problems raising children and do not where to turn to for answers or discussion.”

 “The interaction and insight was applicable to real situations.”